QR Code for JIRA Cloud

Welcome to the documentation for QR Code for JIRA Cloud.


This add-on is very simple: it displays a QR code on each ticket that either links to the ticket URL or to the value of an issue field. The default is to link to the ticket URL.

After installing the add-on, you will see a new section on the right displaying the QR code:

If the QR code is taking up too much space and you want to hide it, simply click the hidden arrow next to the section to collapse it:

This option will be remembered for all tickets.

To show it again, simply click the arrow once again.

If you want to export the image, then you can right click on the QR code and save as image, or (if using Mozilla Firefox) open in new tab ("View Image") and print.


If you want to configure the QR Code to show the value of an issue field, then you will need to go to the Add-ons section of the General Settings.

There you will find an additional menu item: QR Code for JIRA Cloud Configuration.

Simply select the Issue Field option, and then you can choose which issue field whose value you want to be returned when the QR code is scanned.

Click Save, and the changes will take effect immediately.

To change back to displaying the ticket URL, simply click Ticket and Save.