Space Timeline

This is the documentation for the Space Timeline add-on for Confluence Cloud.

This add-on allows you to monitor pages to ensure they don't get out of date, and allows you to perform actions on multiple pages.

Not only do you get a fully interactive timeline of pages, including creation date and last update date, but this add-on also enables you to:

  • Get information about creation time, last updated time, and number of edits at a glance, and get more information and a link to the page by hovering over the information icon.

  • Filter pages using advanced CQL. Don't know CQL? No worries, an interactive CQL query builder is built right into the add-on.

  • Select multiple pages and perform actions on them including:
    • Add a label
    • Delete pages
    • Move pages
    • Add a comment on all pages
    • Export all selected pages as a list of links

Follow the links for more details about each part of the add-on:

Recent space activity

Space contributors