Status Count

This macro will include a table in the page which includes a count of all statuses in a particular page (either the current or another page).

For example, say you have a parent page of a bunch of different project pages, and you want to have a quick overview of how each project is progressing (where each page uses statuses to track the progress of a particular task).
You could include a status count macro for each of the children pages, and then you would be able to see at a glance how far each project has come.

How to use:

  1. Insert the status count macro into the page.
  2. In the editor popup, choose
    1. the source page. If you leave this blank, it will count the status macros in the current page.
    2. the sort criteria. By default, it sorts the statuses alphabetically, but you can also choose to sort numerically by count, with the status with the highest count displayed first, and then in descending order.
    3. the orientation. You can either display the content as a vertical table, but if you prefer a horizontal view, you can choose that as well.

Unfortunately, this macro does not work properly yet with the Chart macro. We are checking with Atlassian to figure out the technical reasons for this.


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