Date Modifier

This macro allows you to be able to update multiple dates in a page all at once.

For example, say you have a process that requires several due dates at different intervals. In a normal template, you would have to update all these dates and remember what the intervals between each date are.
Furthermore, if the initial date changes for any reason, you would have to go through and update all of the dates again.

Using the Date Modifier macro, you could insert/update just one date and insert the rest of the dates as Date Modifier macros, and then when updating the one date, the rest of the dates would update automatically.
You can also choose a source page, so if you have dependencies on a different project, you could reference the date in another page, and then if the dependency's dates need to be changed, then your dates would be automatically updated.

How to use:

  1. Insert a date using // (or /date if using the new editor).
  2. Insert the Date Modifier macro.
  3. In the editor dialog,
    1. choose the source page (or none to keep the source as the current page.
    2. choose which # date element in the page to reference (so, for example, if there were two date elements in the page and you want to reference the 2nd one, put a 2 here). Please note that these have to be a real Date (macro), you cannot reference another Date Modifier macro.
    3. choose how many days to modify the referenced date. You can either work forward from a start date (so for 5 days later, insert 5), or you can work backward from an end date (so for 5 days earlier than some date, insert -5).
  4. Save the page, and your dates should appear properly. We have worked hard to make the editor preview show the proper values, but the best way to be sure everything is working properly is to save the page.



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