Include Parent

This macro is similar to the Include Page macro, but the source page is automatically set to be the parent page.

For example, if the parent page contains only the children macro, you can use this macro to insert links for the page hierarchy in all the child pages.


Welcome to the documentation for the "Useful Macros for Confluence Cloud" Marketplace App!

This app adds several macros to Confluence Cloud that will hopefully make your life easier and your pages more effective, especially when used in templates.

All macros are embedded in the page content (as opposed to being displayed in a separate frame), which means the content is able to flow better with the other text in the page.

Link to ParentThis macro inserts a link to the parent page of the current page.
Include ParentThis macro duplicates the content of the parent page in the current page.
Excerpt Include ParentThis macro will include the excerpted content from the parent page in the current page.
Link to Other SpaceThis macro allows you to link to a page with the same name as the current one, but in a different space.
Date ModifierThis macro allows you to create a date that you set in relation to another date.
This allows you to change one date and have all the other dates update automatically.
Status CountThis macro allows you to have a quick overview of a count of all the status elements in a page.
If you use status elements to describe progress, for example, then you can have a quick glance at how close you are to reaching the goal.